The largest production site for e-scooters in Europe

Our production facility with an area of 5,000 square meters is located at the geographical center of Europe - in the Polish city of Wroclaw. The various electric scooters are manufactured by hand on two production lines, each more than 30 meters long, with the highest quality standards. Thanks to the scalable production lines, the production capacity can be adjusted so flexibly that an output of two to four rollers per hour is feasible.

The high-tech production line, which was commissioned in 2013, is comparable to those of the major OEMs in the automotive sector and significantly improves the working conditions of technicians, particularly through ergonomically optimized workplaces. Our plant’s production capacity in Wroclaw reaches up to 15,000 eScooters per year.

Wroclaw is also home to Research & Development, the Project Management Office, Supply Chain Management and the Quality Management department.

European Engineering

Munich | Wroclaw


The base for innovative product ideas

Our successful philosophy goes by the name of System Integration. This means that, depending on the product or project requirements, we bring the best components to interact in an optimum way.

As an eScooter manufacturer from the very start, our team covers all relevant areas in the field of Research & Development: from mechanical and electrical engineering and software engineering to systems technology. Our own R&D takes care of a large part of this; for some services we work closely with external R&D cooperation partners. As part of our R&D strategy, we continuously work on improving the reliability, stability and user-friendliness of our products.


We develop new features and software solutions

We offer maintenance and holistic support to our customers for all purchased GOVECS products. One focus of our research and development work is the integration of connectivity and cloud solutions as well as the optimization of data management and data capture services for B2B and B2C customers. For example, we offer ready-made connectivity packages or set up fleet management services for our customers. To ensure the highest reliability of the development process at GOVECS, we conduct regular system tests.