GOVECS’s success story began 2009. Since then, the former start-up company has developed into the leading manufacturer of electric scooters in Europe and continues down the road to success.


Founding of GOVECS GmbH. Thomas Grübel (CEO) and Nicholas Holdcraft (COO) found the GOVECS GmbH in Munich. The production site is located in Wroclaw in Poland.

May 2011

“European eScooter of the Year” award. The GOVECS eScooter GO! S2.4 wins the award for “European e-Scooter of the Year”. It is awarded by a jury of prominent international car and motorcycle journalists during the “Clean Week 2020" event. 

August 2011

Launch GOVECS GO! S3.4 With the GOVECS GO! S3.4, GOVECS introduces its first model in the motorcycle league to the market. The electric scooter, belonging to the comparable 125cc class, reaches 80 kilometers per hour.


October 2012

GOVECS equips Cooltra with 500 scooters. GOVECS equips Cooltra, Spain's leading scooter rental company, with 500 GO! S3.4 e-scooters. The number of electric scooters in Barcelona thus increases fivefold and the general share of electric vehicles is doubled. GOVECS’s partnership with Cooltra is the first large-scale project of its kind in Europe.

May 2013

GOVECS wins the "European e-Scooter of the Year" Award for the third time running. For the third time in a row, GOVECS receives the "European e-Scooter of the Year" Award for the new 2013 GO! s-models and the evolved GO! T-models.

August 2013

New production line in Wroclaw. The new production line in Wroclaw, Poland, begins its operations. The production capacity can be flexibly adjusted so that an output of two to four scooters per hour is possible. The high-tech production line is comparable to those of major OEMs in the automotive sector and significantly improves the working conditions of technicians, particularly through ergonomically optimized workstations.

June 2015

Start of the cooperation with Scoot Networks from San Francisco (USA), the world's first e-scooter sharing provider. GOVECS supplies 150 electric scooters to Scoot Networks, the world's first supplier of station-independent eScooter sharing based in San Francisco.

February 2016

Rent instead of buy: With GO! Rent, GOVECS starts a real revolution in vehicle fleet management. The long-term rental model enables small and medium-sized companies in particular to build up a fleet of electric scooters without capital commitments and without hidden risks. Based on an attractive daily rental rate, GO! Rent customers not only have the most powerful delivery scooters available - the mobility concept also includes comprehensive insurance, all service work and a fast replacement service. 

August 2017

GOVECS presents the new E-Schwalbe. The resurrection of the German cult scooter Schwalbe as a state-of-the-art electric version marks GOVEC's entry into the rapidly developing B2C market. As the first German sharing operator, Emmy deploys the striking scooter with the unmistakable design in Berlin and Munich.

July 2018

GOVECS takes over ELMOTO. With the acquisition of the lifestyle brand ELMOTO from ID-Bike GmbH in Stuttgart, GOVECS further expands its market position with an innovative vehicle concept for urban mobility and adds further e-scooter models to its product portfolio for the fast-growing private customer market.

August 2018

GOVECS becomes a stock corporation. The rapid growth of the eScooter market opens up great opportunities for GOVECS as the leading manufacturer in Europe. With the transformation into a stock corporation, the company creates sustainable structures for further dynamic growth.