GOVECS cooperates with Teltonika and offers full-connectivity solutions for customers

Munich, February 18, 2021 – GOVECS, Europe's leading manufacturer of electric scooters, cooperates with Teltonika. The partner company develops Internet of Things solutions, just like the connectivity-box TFT100, which meets GOVECS’ needs perfectly. When searching for a supplier, it is important to GOVECS that the connectivity-box is manufactured regional in order to keep the supply chain in Europe. Teltonika, based in Lithuania, is considered the technology leader in its field, which was one more major issue during the decision process. Teltonika is closely working with GOVECS engineers to make sure that none of the details goes unnoticed. “We are convinced that we have found the perfect partner in Teltonika. The technical and customer support, we have received already, is from highest quality”, says Thomas Grübel, founder and CEO of GOVECS. Martynas Osauskas, CEO of Teltonika Telemedic & Smart Autonomous Solutions, adds: “Arguably, GOVECS Group has grown a reputation of a professional and TOP manufacturer of electric scooters. For us, it is an honor to have it as a trusted partner in the European market and all over the world. It takes time to build a successful partnership. Thanks to the synergy and common trust, gradually built over the last year, now we are at a very fruitful partnership path." 

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  • GOVECS uses telemetric device TFT100 of Teltonika
  • First boxes will be implemented in March, starting with the models Schwalbe for sharing-customers and an improved new version of GOVECS FLEX
  • Vehicles will be connected to GOVECS’ cloud server using API

Functionalities and benefits for customers
The implemented connectivity-box will communicate with GOVECS’ cloud server using API: Relevant information regarding the battery status or the state of the drive train like mode, speed or mileage will be sent directly to the cloud. Besides that, TFT100 collects data about the current scooter location as well as additional parameters such as an indication if the top case is closed, both important information for sharing operators. Furthermore, the device is able to send various commands back to the scooter, such as locking and unlocking the vehicle or its components such as the handlebar or the top case. Overall, the implementation of the telemetric device forms the basis for fleet management: “The scooters are now fully connected, which is especially important to our sharing- and delivery-customers as they will have full control over their fleet”, says Thomas Grübel. Osauskas further argues: "Easy and remote data access does not only allow convenient fleet control but also it serves as a perfect diagnostics tool to improve the performance of e-scooter and its developments in the future". It is also possible to develop different front-end solutions like an app for delivery-customers as well as for end users of a sharing-solution for example. Also private customers will benefit from the cooperation with Teltonika: “At the moment, we’re working at the development of a helpful and enriching app-solution”, Grübel reveals.

Timeline and further plans
Currently GOVECS is in the final testing phase, the series production with implemented telematics devices will start in March. The scooter-manufacturer is going to start with two models: The Schwalbe for sharing-purposes and a modified and further developed version of GOVECS FLEX. Thomas Grübel provides an outlook for the future: “We want to equip all our scooters with the telematics box, which means the connection of all vehicles to our cloud and the ability to offer fully integrated connectivity solutions for all our customers!”

The GOVECS Group is the leading manufacturer of electric scooters in Europe and is developing future-oriented solutions for urban micromobility. The German company relies on high-quality "Made in Europe" products for international sharing platforms, develops tailor-made concepts for the fast-growing delivery industry and offers a motivating corporate leasing model that is currently available only in the German market. With ZOOM SHARING, GOVECS is not only active in Stuttgart as a sharing operator, but also offers the sharing model as a partner-sharing concept for towns and small cities. The company offers electric scooters and accessories for individual purchase via the trading platform GOVECS SCOOTER. The GOVECS product portfolio currently includes the e-scooters ELMOTO KICK, ELMOTO LOOP and GOVECS FLEX, as well as the E-Schwalbe, which comes in two speed options: 45 or 90 km/h. In an independent test, the ADAC e.V. awarded it as the best e-scooter in the L1e class, mainly because of its strong acceleration, drive train and stable chassis. The GOVECS PRO CARGO, which has been specially designed for the needs of the delivery industries, completes the product range. At six GOVECS SERVICE-sites in Germany, private customers can use services for electric scooters, bicycles, e-bikes and cargo bikes. Furthermore, GOVECS offers special services for corprate customers, such as maintenance of company fleets. | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter