GOVECS offers first corporate scooter leasing model

Munich, August 26, 2020– GOVECS, Europe's leading manufacturer of electric scooters, together with its financial partner Mercator-Leasing, is offering an innovative corporate scooter leasing model, which is only available in Germany so far. "We want to encourage even more people to move towards sustainable mobility. Together with our partner Mercator-Leasing, we have developed a concept that offers benefits for both the employee and the employer," says Thomas Grübel, founder and CEO of GOVECS. The financial partner, Mercator-Leasing, has already expertise in the field of corporate leasing in cooperation with Jobrad, a leasing program for bicycle. The concept with electric scooters is similar: The employer leases the scooter and provides it for to the employee through a transfer agreement. Four climate-neutral models are available as leasing vehicles: The E-Schwalbe as a modern and sustainable interpretation of the classic, the ELMOTO LOOP as a dynamic e-moped, the everyday hero GOVECS FLEX and the ELMOTO KICK, a kick scooter for the last kilometer to work.

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  • GOVECS cooperates with Mercator-Leasing and is the first e-scooter manufacturer to offer a corporate leasing model
  • When referred through the employer, employees save up to 46% compared to cash purchases
  • Employers benefit from a cost-neutral way of retaining employees, improving their image and saving taxes

High discounts and other benefits for employees

The saving of up to 46% compared to the cash purchase price is probably the biggest benefit for the employee. The electric scooter is provided for the employee over three years (36 months) in monthly rates, and without the need for a deposit. Since the scooter is purchased through the employer, payments are easily deducted from the employee’s salary. The individual discount and the monthly net charge can be calculated in advance via the benefit calculator.  "In addition to the e-scooter, the employee receives a care package: The regular service and insurance are already included. We have deliberately chosen a transparent system. There are no hidden costs: Apart from the monthly instalment, the employee has to pay only for the electricity," says Thomas Grübel. Employees can also personalize the configuration of their vehicle. As in the example of the E-Schwalbe, the employees can choose between the 45 and 90 km/h version and which of the six colours should be combined with which of the 3 seat options. In addition to the full-service package, the scooter comes with a great driving feeling. The GOVECS CEO enthuses: "Cruise through your city without emissions and park your scooter without having to look for a parking space – that's perfect mobility!"

Benefits for employers: Employee retention and image

The advantages for the employer are also obvious: Employee motivation and retention. "For employers, the electric scooter leasing model is a smart alternative to the company car: The purchase price is much lower and the use of electric mobility contributes positively to the public perception: Innovation and sustainable solutions enhance the company image," says the GOVECS CEO. In addition, there are purely mathematical advantages: The employer benefits from tax savings through increased operating expenses. Models are also available for the self-employed and freelancers. Interested companies may contact the team directly at

Sustainable mobility solutions and savings: The corporate scooter leasing model represents a win-win situation for both employees AND employers.



The GOVECS Group is the leading manufacturer of electric scooters in Europe and is developing future-oriented solutions for urban micromobility. The German company relies on high-quality "Made in Europe" products for international sharing platforms, develops tailor-made concepts for the fast-growing delivery industry and offers a motivating corporate leasing model that is currently available only in the German market. With ZOOM SHARING, GOVECS is not only active in Stuttgart as a sharing operator, but also offers the sharing model as a partner-sharing concept for towns and small cities. The company offers electric scooters and accessories for individual purchase via the trading platform GOVECS SCOOTER. The GOVECS product portfolio currently includes the e-scooters ELMOTO KICK, ELMOTO LOOP and GOVECS FLEX, as well as the E-Schwalbe, which can be used to reach 45 or 90 km/h. In an independent test, the ADAC e.V. awarded it as the best e-scooter in the L1e class, mainly because of its strong drive and stable chassis. The two models GOVECS PRO and GOVECS PRO CARGO, which have been specially designed for the needs of the sharing and delivery industries, complete the product range. | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter