Orange for 2020: The Schwalbe electric scooter is now available in a new colour

Munich, 20.02.2020 – GOVECS pays a great deal of attention to its customers’ needs and requests, and as a result is extending the colour range of its flagship product. The Schwalbe electric scooter can be ordered right now in sunshine orange at Following detailed customer feedback from GOVECS SCOOTER stores in Berlin, Munich, and Stuttgart, and the constant demand for new colours, GOVECS has been busy testing alternative product designs. The new-look scooter was unveiled to the public for the first time at the world’s premier motorcycle show in Milan. Feedback from visitors to the EICMA 2019 was so positive that the leading manufacturer of electric scooters in Europe immediately reacted to demand, and is now offering the ADAC test winner in a new stylish shade.

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  • A wider range of colours for the electric Schwalbe in the GOVECS SCOOTER online configurator
  • GOVECS makes scooter available in the new trendy colour for 2020
  • The top performer in the ADAC test shines once more in a sunshine orange 90 km/h variant


The ADAC test winner strengthens its reputation with outstanding performance and a new look

The Schwalbe electric scooter is attracting attention once again, not only through its outstanding performance and safety features, but also with a new look. The bright sunshine orange finish extends the current palette beyond deep black, cream white, light blue, colza yellow, and opal green, with another rich, vibrant colour. Customers even have a choice of designs when it comes to the seat. “Our retro scooter is designed to really turn heads, and this should also be reflected in the range of finishes,” says GOVECS CEO Thomas Grübel. “We always welcome customer feedback and have a strong ambition to offer them something new regularly.”

90 facts: The fastest Schwalbe of all time is now even trendier

Although the design options are the same as on the classic Schwalbe scooter, you’ll look at the fastest scooter of all time with new eyes. As with the Schwalbe L1e scooter, the L3e version is the most powerful vehicle in its category. With double the engine capacity, the Schwalbe L3e displays lightning acceleration to 90 km/h. Partly responsible for this performance is the double-belt drive, which has been specially designed for the Schwalbe, and provides both scooters with excellent power transmission. The German Bosch engine also helps give the Schwalbe electric scooters their cutting-edge performance.



The GOVECS Group is the leading manufacturer of electric scooters in Europe and is developing future-oriented solutions for urban mobility. The company’s success is based on high-quality “Made in Europe” products for international vehicle sharing platforms and on custom-made designs for the rapidly growing merchandise delivery segment. GOVECS is selling electric scooters and accessories to the high-growth private customer segment via its own GOVECS SCOOTER e-commerce platform. The GOVECS product portfolio currently includes e-scooters of the Schwalbe, ELMOTO LOOP, ELMOTO KICK, GOVECS FLEX, GOVECS PRO, and GOVECS PRO CARGO brands.