ZOOM SHARING: GOVECS launches mobility service with E-Schwalbes in Stuttgart

Munich, May 7, 2020 – GOVECS is offering a new e-scooter sharing service called "ZOOM SHARING" in Stuttgart starting from Friday, May 8, 2020. The leading manufacturer of electric scooters in Europe helps the city to reduce particulate matter in the basin, to provide citizens an alternative to existing urban mobility offers, and to relieve the burden caused by private vehicles in the urban area.

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  • New sharing provider ZOOM SHARING starting from 8 of May in Stuttgart
  • Fleet of around 200 iconic e-scooters as an additional offer of urban mobility
  • Construction company WOLFF & MÜLLER supports sharing service as a local partner

ZOOM SHARING: Get on and fly 

At the start, users get 30 free minutes with a registration fee of 10 euros. Driver's license verification functions easily via the app, which is downloadable for Android and iOS. The prerequisite is that the user is at least 18 years old and has a driver license for passenger cars (min. Class 3/B).  With one click, the Schwalbe is reserved for 15 minutes. Two helmets and keys are in the top case. In the so-called free-floating, the scooter can be flexibly parked at any location in the business district according to the parking instructions. In addition to the entire city centre, the business area also includes Zuffenhausen and Untertürkheim/Wangen. With the help of the attached mobile phone holder, your own smartphone becomes a navigation system in no time. For only 24 cents per minute, Stuttgarters now travel from A to B without noise and emissions.

Stuttgarters can easily rent the ADAC test winner

The high-quality electric scooters from GOVECS impress everyone with special safety and performance. This includes the popular E-Schwalbe, which bears the "Made in Europe" quality seal and is used for ZOOM SHARING. The result of the last ADAC test shows that the Schwalbe is unrivalled on the market in the categories of drive and handling characteristics. Equipped with the strongest Bosch powertrain, the fast bird easily masters Stuttgart's hilly topography even with two people on it. The enormous acceleration guarantees maximum driving pleasure. Equipped with modern CBS brakes, Schwalbe enthusiasts don't need to worry about their safety on the road. Part of the fleet is supported by the "State Initiative III for Market Growth in Electromobility in BW" by the state of Baden-Württemberg with 1,500 euros per scooter. "We are delighted to support the project with 189,000 euros in funding and thus be able to offer the citizens of Stuttgart even more electric mobility alternatives," says Transport Minister Winfried Hermann, MdL. "One thing is clear, the future of mobility has to be climate-friendly and companies like the GOVECS contribute significantly to this".

Concentrated sharing expertise of Europe's leading manufacturer of electric scooters

GOVECS is at the same time a manufacturer and supplier of a broad electric scooter product portfolio, which has already convinced various sharing customers. "Our roots lie in the field of sharing. In 2015, we delivered this type of scooters for share to San Francisco as one of the first projects" says THOMAS Grübel, GOVECS CEO and Managing Director of GOVECS SHARING GmbH. "Since then, we have gained a lot of experience and as today around 12,000 scooters for share from GOVECS are already on the road for various customers in numerous major European cities. We are now using this expertise to move closer to our vision of new and sustainable mobility solutions with our own sharing offering."

WOLFF & MÜLLER supports sharing service as a local partner

WOLFF & MÜLLER is a local partner of ZOOM SHARING in Stuttgart. The construction company has always relied on sustainable thinking and action and has anchored its ecological, social and economic fundamental values in the Gottlob-Müller principle named after the company's founder. The internal initiative "Green Thinking" also stands for this. In practice, this means that WOLFF & MÜLLER is the first construction company in Germany to build completely CO2-neutral. This is made possible, among other things, by a state-of-the-art machine park with efficient, environmentally friendly technologies, electricity from renewable energies as well as certified energy and environmental management. In addition, there are other activities such as the use for emission-free mobility, starting with our own fleet, which is gradually being converted to electric vehicles. "As a partner of ZOOM SHARING, we now want to contribute to ensuring that electromobility continues to prevail in Stuttgart," says Dr. Albert Dürr, Managing Partner of WOLFF & MÜLLER. "At the same time, we are increasing the visibility of WOLFF & MÜLLER in the urban area." The E-Schwalbes all bear the logo of the construction company.  "We are pleased to have found an ideal funding partner for ZOOM SHARING in Stuttgart with WOLFF & MÜLLER," says Grübel. Ideal because WOLFF & MÜLLER's sustainability efforts are in line with the values at GOVECS.  




The GOVECS Group is the leading manufacturer of electric scooters in Europe and is developing future-oriented solutions for urban mobility. The company’s success is based on high-quality “Made in Europe” products for international vehicle sharing platforms and on custom-made designs for the rapidly growing merchandise delivery segment. GOVECS is selling electric scooters and accessories to the high-growth private customer segment via its own GOVECS SCOOTER e-commerce platform. The GOVECS product portfolio currently includes e-scooters of the Schwalbe, ELMOTO LOOP, ELMOTO KICK, GOVECS FLEX, GOVECS PRO, and GOVECS PRO CARGO brands.