made in the EU

GOVECS is the European leader in electric mobility solutions for free-floating sharing, rental and delivery services. Our research and development center in Stuttgart, Germany develops software and mobility concepts, as well as cloud- and fleet management solutions for a variety of industries and design iconic e-scooters for private customers. Our production sites in Poland and Spain breath life into our e-scooters and make sure you benefit from sophisticated technology and highest quality.


Fleet Management System

GOVECS Fleet, our fleet management system allows you to easily collect and analyze all necessary data from your e-scooters. With real-time information you are always aware about the battery status, e-scooter location and generic vehicle status and condition. All your Data is transferred via our GOVECS Cloud, where all your data is securely hosted in Germany.

Telematic Solution & Connectivity

Our sharing e-scooters come with a smart IOT solution, telematic and full connectivity. Sensores transmit vehicle data in real time and you can track them live. We can connect the scooters not only to our own fleet management system (GOVECS Fleet) via the GOVECS Cloud, but also to yours if you are already using your own fleet management. Whether you are looking for an all-in-one solution including GOVECS Cloud and GOVECS Fleet or simply want to complete your fleet with our e-scooters, we have the right solution.

Batteries & drive trains

For maximum performance, our e-scooters are designed with high-quality batteries, innovative motors and drive trains, for example made by BOSCH. In addition, we designed our own GOVECS Core drive train. Why? Every business is different and we are sure your demands on performance and acceleration differ from other companies or industries. We have the right solution for every purpose. But some facts will always remain the same: Sophisticated and durable technology, recuperation for more energy efficiency as well as high-quality lithium-ion batteries, so your fleet will run and run and run.

Stress tests

Before a new GOVECS e-scooter is ready for the road, we run the hardest stress-tests you can imagine. Each vehicle has driven thousands of kilometres at constantly 30 km/h on a simulated super bumpy road for one month. For this, we test them on two uneven roles, imitating potholes and with more than 150 kgs additional weight. Thanks to best materials and toughest testing conditions, our sharing e-scooters do not even show minor hairline cracks in the frame after a mileage of 100,000 km.