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With our sophisticated and high-quality e-scooters, your courier drivers will deliver in the blink of an eye very fast, super agile. Benefit from great features, like service stations near you and scalable leasing options. Go for unlimited business, go for GOVECS.

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Be spoilt for choice

No matter if you have a small business or an enterprise, no matter if you deliver flowers or parcels or any other products, our three different models are perfect for your courier business and your different needs. Small backpack deliveries can be easily done with the ELMOTO LOOP, if you have heavier deliveries the GOVECS PRO CARGO or GOVECS FLEX DELIVERY are the perfect choice. 

Quality & Reliability

We know that your success also depends on the quality and reliability of your fleet. Therefore we focus on providing you with the best technology and quality which we constantly monitor. To be able to meet our high standards, we design and develop all scooters in Germany. At our production facilities in Poland and Spain we take the most care to ensure that our electric scooters meet high expectations.



Many service options in Europe

We offer a great network of our own service stations and partner service stations in Europe. This makes it easy for us to service you at our best within little time. In case your e-scooter needs a spare part we are able to deliver it within short time from our German warehouse to your service station, as most of them are instantly available.


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A double tube frame and two side bumpers ensure maximum robustness. As a result the GOVECS FLEX DELIVERY is super stable and offers best safety. Due to its robustness its also low in maintenance. In addition to 16'' tyres, it comes with front and rear disc brakes and LED head and rear lights.


We deliver sustainability

We contribute to climate and resource protection by giving back what we take from the planet. That’s why we support different climate projects, so you can benefit from e-scooters that are 100% climate neutral.


Stay flexible

Our leasing options give you best flexibility and cost control. No matter what’s the size of your fleet, you have full transparency about your operational costs and can easily scale your fleet according to your current need, at any time.


Benefit from savings

Most of the governments subsidize e-scooters and provide additional tax deductions, which makes your e-scooter fleet very cost efficient. Beside this, you will benefit from lower energy costs: A 100 km drive with an e-scooter costs you about 1.00 €, the same distance with a combustion scooter costs you 6.00 €.  

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