Fleet Managers face different challenges when selecting vehicles for their fleet. At GOVECS we provide best solutions to minimize operational costs and maximize flexibility. From a diverse range of models to great service options, software solutions and attractive leasing options, GOVECS is the perfect partner for your fleet management.

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So many options

You want to supplement your fleet with GOVECS electric scooters and possibly also connect them to your own fleet management system? No problem! You don't have your own fleet management system yet and are looking for a complete solution including the GOVECS Cloud, which hosts your data in Germany, and the GOVECS Fleet management system? We can offer you that, too!


First-class technology

Our high quality e-scooters are made according to high standards at our production sites in Poland and Spain. To ensure maximum reliability we only use best materials and test our e-scooters extensively. Based on these conditions you can expect a minimum drive of more than 100,000 km.


Service is not all the same

Despite the high quality, we recommend you to regularly maintain your e-scooters to guarantee a long life. Hence, you can choose from many GOVECS service stations or partner service stations near you. For quality reasons, but also because we want to keep the supply chain as short as possible, our e-scooter spare parts are produced in Europe and stored in Germany. Therefore they are available within little time.


We care about the environment

As a manufacturer of emission-free scooters, we are naturally protecting our environment by reducing our carbon footprint to a minimum. Sustainability and resource-saving is part of our culture in all our departments. That’s why we also offer a complete climate neutral fleet to you.


Smart in leasing

We make sure that you can be as flexible as you need to be. That’s why we offer smart leasing options which comply to your current and future need. This makes your fleet scalable at any time — without large upfront costs. Our leasing options give you full cost control, whether you start with one or 100 electric scooters at once.


Save costs

Due to best materials and highest quality, your e-scooters have a longer life than cheaper e-scooters. Moreover, you will also save repair costs. In addition subsidies by the government and tax deductions will delight your wallet.


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