To be maximum efficient, manufacturer and logistic companies need smart mobility solutions. With our first-class e-scooters you will get easily from A to B, save time and be more efficient. Start enhancing your collaboration and productivity with our e-mobility solutions. Without hassle – always reliable.

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Dedicated to your business

Our models are perfect for manufacturing and logistic companies. Whether if you are looking for an easy and fast way to get from one production hall to another or to facilitate mobility within your warehouses, we provide you the right e-scooters to save time and be more efficient.


Technology designed in Europe

Our e-scooters are designed by German and Polish engineers and are made with high quality components in our production sites in Poland and Spain. To ensure highest quality and reliability we do not only use best materials, but also test our e-scooters extensively.


Flexible service options

At GOVECS we provide you six own service stations and more than 80 external service partners in Germany as well as many service partners in Europe with best expertise. If your e-scooter needs a spare part, we can deliver it from our German warehouse in most cases within 24 hours.



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We care about the environment

In addition to our environmental-friendly culture, we can also provide you a climate neutral e-scooter fleet. Together with Climate Partner we support various climate projects to leave no ecological footprint. We therefore also offer you the option of driving a completely climate-neutral fleet.


Smart leasing options

We offer you different leasing options to make sure you can easily scale your fleet at any time according to your current and future needs. This makes it very easy for you to stay flexible without large upfront investment. In addition, regardless of the size of your fleet, you have full visibility into your operational costs at all times.


Save costs

Due to best materials and highest quality, your GOVECS e-scooters have a longer life than cheaper e-scooters. Moreover, you will also save repair costs. In addition, you can benefit from attractive subsidies and tax deductions by the government.



The market is flooded with e-scooter manufacturers, making it hard to find the right solution for your business. We bring light into the darkness and show you what is really important when buying a scooter fleet and what is complete nonsense. Download our guide to make sure that your invest becomes a success.


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