GOVECS FLEX DELIVERY offers you a lot of advantages for your delivery service so you can always deliver to your customers reliably, quickly and safely. Thanks to the Go Core drive developed by us in Germany, many of the technical settings can be adjusted exactly to your needs. This allows you to drive more powerfully, more energy efficiently, have greater range and even determine the discharging of your batteries. The excellent quality and smart design make it not only low-maintenance but also extremely service-friendly. Thanks to its flexibility and reliability the GOVECS FLEX DELIVERY is always ready for the deliveries of pizza and the like. The electric scooter offers your drivers a particularly high level of ergonomic comfort and smooth running so that your deliveries can arrive safely. The full LED light guarantees good visibility, regardless of weather and lighting conditions. Are you ready for a new type of delivery?

scooter flex delivery
  • iconHigh payload: 165 kg (incl. driver)
  • iconOwn GOVECS drive train, developed in Germany
  • iconQick change of 2 batteries weighing only 9.4 kg each
  • iconExtremely service-friendly, very low maintenance
  • iconUnbreakable double frame and plastic parts
  • iconClimate neutral

Electric scooter? But, of course!

With GOVECS FLEX DELIVERY you are on the safe side. Our electric scooter is equipped with 16 inch tires and hydraulic disc brakes. This makes it especially stable and smooth running even on difficult surfaces - nothing stands in the way of a pleasant ride and a smooth delivery! The LEAD headlights ensure a particularly bright street lighting and visibility. And to ensure that your electric scooter is also protected, we have made its cladding from “Go Elast”, making it unbreakable - you can bet on it. The robust frames and the lateral bumper provide additional protection for the driver, the scooter and of course the delivery.

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An electric scooter with delivery box for all deliveries.

With the transport box from enviado, your products arrive at destination as if wrapped in cotton wool. And of course the delivery box is perfectly insulated to make sure all is fine. GOVECS FLEX DELIVERY is delivered with matching, already built-in adapter plate behind the drive seat. Thanks to this practical plug-in system you can easily open and remove the box, click-clack. With the 100 litre holding capacity you can transport a lot, right on time and environmentally friendly.

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More battery. More sales. More electric scooter.

With the GOVECS FLEX DELIVERY you can deliver to your customers reliably and without interruptions. Our electric scooter for delivery services features two ultralight, powerful batteries that can be easily changed in less than 10 seconds and are fully charged in just 4.5 hours. GOVECS FLEX DELIVERYY can be driven both with one as well as two batteries. In 2-battery mode you can drive up to 110km per charging. The powerful batteries ensure that even slopes of up to 15 can be climbed without sacrificing speed and we can adjust the discharging to your requirements. The particularly energy-efficient drive – made in Germany – provides a fantastic performance, ensuring quick and fresh deliveries to your customers. It can be even configured according to your requirements and specifications.


We know how important it is for you to be able to count on your delivery fleet. This is why we have built the GOVECS FLEX DELIVERY with best materials and excellent quality for you and developed a robust delivery scooter that is second to none. The GOVECS FLEX DELIVERY is built for maximum fleet availability and therefore also absolutely low-maintenance, so that you can deliver reliably round the clock. Thanks to its smart design the GOVECS FLEX DELIVERY is very service-friendly and the parts are replaced or serviced in no time at all, ensuing that the electric scooter is quickly ready for use on the road again.