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Make your city a better place by reducing noise and emissions. Become a hot spot and provide first-class e-scooters to your citizens and visitors. No matter if you are a large city, municipalty, a mobility provider, an energy supplier or a sharing operator,  we have the right solution for you flexible in fleet size, flexible in set up, always scalable. Do you want to expand your existing e-scooter fleet with other scooter models or create your own mobility offering by using a reliable user app and fleet management? We offer you all options. Go green, go GOVECS.

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Best solutions for shared services

You already operate a fleet? Then you can easily expand it with our unique electric scooters. But that's not all! If required, we offer you our full sharing package, where you benefit from our own ZOOM Sharing Service. Here, you not only get the e-scooters including full connectivity you also use our fleet management system GOVECS Fleet, our secure GOVECS Cloud and the reliable ZOOM Sharing User App.


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Smart and flexible options

We give you the flexibility you need – whether in terms of fleet size or financing. Start with just a small fleet and easily increase the number as needed. Our flexible leasing options give you full cost control, regardless of whether you start with 20 or 1,000 electric scooters. 


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Customized for you

Our electric scooters have a high recognition value. Of course, you can configure all available models specifically according to your wishes. Your company, your city has a very special look, its own CI, a certain color? No problem! We can also brand your new scooter fleet individually for you upon consultation.


Perfect models for Public Mobility

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Made in the EU

Being a German e-scooter manufacturer it is the next logical step for us to design our e-scooters in Germany and produce them in our GOVECS production sites in Poland and Spain. This way we always have full control over our production and logistics, we are able to react quickly to changes, meet our high quality requirements and realize a short supply chain that protects our environment.



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Excellent service

The best is yet to come: Our service. You don’t have to worry about servicing your GOVECS scooters. You will find a GOVECS service station or a service partner near to you, all around Europe and in case your e-scooter needs spare parts, we can deliver them to your service station within only little time, as most of the spare parts are always available. If you choose our full sharing package ZOOM Sharing and you want to work with your own service partner, we offer trainings.




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Our commitment to the environment

We do what we can to reduce our ecological footprint to a minimum and also offset unavoidable emissions via climate projects. We want to give you the same opportunity: Although, it is a great step to decide for an emission-free sharing fleet and the people and environment will thank you for this decision. If you want to do even more, you can support various climate projects together with us and Climate Partner to get a completely climate neutral electric scooter fleet.



The market is flooded with e-scooter manufacturers, making it hard to find the right solution for your business. We bring light into the darkness and show you what is really important when buying a scooter fleet and what is complete nonsense. Download our guide to make sure that your invest becomes a success.


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With ZOOM Sharing we are back to our roots. Since 2020 we are offering our own sharing service, which we first launched in Stuttgart. ZOOM Sharing is a shared mobility service dedicated to cities and municipalties, but also to any other business or company that wants to share e-scooters with their customers, guests or employees. From only 20 scooters per fleet, it is also perfect for smaller cities or businesses. We offer ZOOM Sharing as a full sharing service, including the use of the ZOOM Sharing app, our GOVECS Cloud as well as our fleet management system. However, you can also adapt ZOOM Sharing to your own needs and use an individually customized sharing service.

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