E-scooters rentals are gaining ground in large cities because they offer much more flexibility and time savings than cars and public transportation. The success or failure of business models in the so-called share economy ultimately depends on the interaction of product and software. It is in this field that GOVECS has made a name for itself worldwide.
The company is a pioneer in the industry and has an outstanding market position: The GOVECS customer portfolio includes major players in the eScooter Sharing industry such as Cityscoot in France, eCooltra in Spain, Portugal and Italy, emmy in Germany or Felyx in the Netherlands. Most providers are already in the starting blocks with regard to expanding their sharing services to other cities.



The roots of GOVECS are in the area of sharing. Already in 2015 the company has delivered sharing scooters to San Francisco, meanwhile about 15.000 sharing vehicles of GOVECS are on the road in numerous European cities. With the gained expertise GOVECS founds the GOVECS SHARING GmbH and launches its own sharing service ZOOM SHARING in Stuttgart in spring 2020. Now the know-how will be offered to other cities and municipalities in form of a partner sharing program. The particularity: ZOOM SHARING is already possible from 20 scooters per fleet, which can be individually assembled from the GOVECS e-scooter product range.

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The french connection

It was once the cheap alternative to the automobile and the rising fuel price. Later it was love. Paris can not be imagined without the image of young couples on two wheels. Now the city at the Seine has the most innovative e-scooter sharing service in Europe. And not only in Paris, but also in Nice, Milan and Rome you can find the City Scoot Scooters. Produced and delivered by GOVECS.

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Since 2014 e-sharing provider emmy has set itself the task to ensure availability of electric vehicles within urban areas. “The E-Schwalbe represents the perfect complement of the existing emmy fleet”, stated emmy co-founder Valerian Seither. "With GOVECS we have found the perfect partner for our ambitious expansion course", explains emmy co-founder Valerian Seither. "The combination of high-quality products and connectivity solutions from a single source was a decisive factor for us." With this cooperation, GOVECS once again proves that product adaptations for the sharing business belong to the core business of the company.

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Bright sunshine, white sandy beaches and palm-edged serpentines really make a wonderful scenery. But rattling engines and ill-smelling exhaust fumes do not fit into this idyll – and are even strictly forbidden in some places. This is what Timo Bütefisch thought. The founder and CEO of Cooltra, Spain’s largest scooter renting agency, decided to integrate electric scooters in his vehicle sharing fleet in 2016. Vehicles of various manufacturers were tested, the race was won by GOVECS. Currently 2.240 of the company's sharing fleet come from GOVECS.

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Freefloating through Amsterdam

In 2017 we started the cooperation with our partner felyx in Amsterdam.The aim: to reduce usage and ownership of polluting means of transportation, like non-electric cars, taxis, and scooters within dense urban areas. Felyx wants to improve air quality and mobility, solve current urban mobility issues and combine possibilities and opportunities of new technologies, sharing economy, and sustainability. The concept paid off - in 2018 felyx also conquered Rotterdam.

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