To become and stay attractive for tourists, regions and accommodations need to provide added values to their guests. Hence, they constantly need to come up with new offers to surprise and delight their visitors. Want some inspiration? How about your own small electric scooter fleet for your hotel, for example? Your guests could explore the area flexibly, easily and sustainably and experience you as a future-oriented and modern host. Our offers are as individual as our business customers: From single electric scooters to our comprehensive ZOOM Sharing package as a complete solution, including sharing fleet, connectivity, user app as well as cloud and fleet management system – we will be happy to advise you and show you how to wow your guests.

[Translate to English:] Flexibilität

So many options

Offer your guests our electric scooters as an on-top service to explore your region. Choose from a variety of models, perhaps as a supplement to e-bikes, and enable your visitors to explore your region with zero emissions. You want more? As a tourist region or hotel, you can also benefit from our ZOOM Sharing package. With ZOOM Sharing, you have a sharing fleet with full connectivity, connection to our GOVECS Cloud as well as to our fleet management system, starting from only 20 vehicles. Our ZOOM Sharing app makes it very easy for your guest to rent the scooters.


[Translate to English:] Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit

Quality & Reliability

Our electric scooters are developed by our engineers in Germany and manufactured in our production facilities in Poland and Spain. We know that it is important to you that you can rely on your fleet and therefore we take care of every single production step in our factories. We work with long-term partners and use only the best materials and components for our electric scooters, so you get a product you can always rely on.


[Translate to English:] Perfekter Service

Perfect service options for you

Don’t worry about service or maintenance of your e-scooter fleet. Thanks to our strong service focus we can provide you our own service stations and partner service stations near to you. This makes it easy for us to service you at our best within little time. In case your e-scooter needs a spare part, we are able to deliver it within 24 hours to the service stations, as we have most of the spare parts on stock in our German warehouse.


Perfect models for Public Mobility

[Translate to English:] Umwelt

Our environmental efforts

How does recreation and holidays match with noise and air pollution? Not at all! By offering emission-free mobility you will make a huge contribution to the environment and this will pay off by satisfied tourists and inhabitants. In line with our environmental-friendly culture we do what we can to reduce our ecological footprint to a minimum and can therefore also provide you a complete climate-neutral fleet.


[Translate to English:] Leasing

Smart leasing options

To be super flexible and scalable we offer you attractive leasing options considering your current and future need. Our leasing options give you full cost control without high upfront costs, no matter if you start with one or 100 e-scooters. With our leasing offers, your fleet remains fully scalable at all times and you save on high acquisition costs.


[Translate to English:] Kostenreduzierung

Benefit from cost savings

Less energy costs, subsidies, tax deductions, etc. – the list of cost savings is long when you decide for an e-scooter fleet for your accommodation. With highest quality in mind our e-scooters are low maintenance and due to the fact that we exclusively use best materials, you will face less repair costs compared to fleets of other e-scooter models.


GOVECS Electric Scooter Guide


The market is flooded with e-scooter manufacturers, making it hard to find the right solution for your business. We bring light into the darkness and show you what is really important when buying a scooter fleet and what is complete nonsense. Download our guide to make sure that your invest becomes a success.


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