GOVECS is intensifying its cooperation with INVERS for optimal fleet integration

Munich, 16 September 2021 - The GOVECS FLEX 2.0 model from the Munich electric scooter manufacturer GOVECS has only been on the market for a few months and has already won over well-known customers in the sharing and delivery sector in Europe and the USA. Specially designed for the greatest possible flexibility in the sharing business, operation is optionally possible with one or two of the 9.4 kg light batteries, which can be changed in under ten seconds thanks to a smart self-unlocking system. The drive train developed by GOVECS is geared towards high performance with optimal energy efficiency. In addition, the vehicle is particularly robust: The external steel frame, paired with a bumper on each side, resists hard bumps and even the cladding is unbreakable thanks to the specially developed "GO ELAST" plastic.

  •  Sharing model GOVECS FLEX 2.0 now also available with CloudBoxx Mini from INVERS
  • The sharing scooter can be easily implemented in existing fleets
  • Common hardware package is made in Europe

 Easy fleet integration of the GOVECS FLEX 2.0 thanks to smart telematics
"The collaboration with INVERS is only a logical step in offering the optimal sharing scooter to as many sharing operators as possible: Thanks to the integration of the CloudBoxx Mini, shared mobility operators can easily integrate the GOVECS FLEX 2.0 into their fleet,” says Thomas Grübel, founder and CEO of GOVECS. Those who use the telematics from INVERS, the inventor of automated vehicle sharing, can make vehicles available digitally, connect them to their sharing software and thus offer their end customers mixed fleets. Because the telematics from INVERS integrates different vehicle manufacturers and even different vehicle types: For example, an e-car, e-bike and an electric scooter can be made available to provide the right vehicle for every trip. Alexander Kirn, CEO of INVERS, says: “With our telematics and the well-documented API, developers can quickly and easily integrate different vehicles into their systems and access a lot of vehicle data. This gives operators reliable, high-performance connectivity with which they can develop solutions for fleet management and the sharing App very flexibly.“ Thomas Grübel adds: “With this collaboration, we want to make a contribution to bringing end-customer-focused fleets to cities in order to relieve traffic and reduce emissions.” In addition, mixed fleets offer sharing providers a greater chance of realising sustainable, profitable business.

Long-standing collaboration and production in Europe
As partner INVERS was not chosen for integration by accident: The two German companies can already look back on a long-standing collaboration. The red Schwalbe-scooters, that whiz through Berlin thanks to emmy, for example, are networked with INVERS telematics. Not only is the collaboration geared towards sustainability, the two hardware components are also manufactured locally in Europe: The CloudBoxx Mini is produced in Germany and the GOVECS FLEX 2.0 is produced in Spain. When it comes to the supply chain, GOVECS also pays attention to high-quality and durable components, most of which come from Europe. At the request of the sharing operator, the manufacturer completely compensates for unavoidable emissions that arise, for example, during production and logistics. Then investments are made in climate protection projects that promote the expansion of renewable energies in developing countries - this way the operators can offer not only a smart, but also a climate-neutral fleet!


The GOVECS Group is the leading manufacturer of electric scooters in Europe and develops future-oriented solutions for urban micromobility. The German company relies on high-quality products, mostly produced in Europe, for international sharing platforms, develops tailor-made concepts for the fast-growing delivery industry and offers a motivating corporate leasing model that is currently available only in the German market. With ZOOM SHARING, GOVECS is not only active in Stuttgart as a sharing operator, but also offers the sharing model as a partner-sharing concept for towns and small cities. The company offers electric scooters and accessories for individual purchase via the trading platform GOVECS SCOOTER. The GOVECS product portfolio currently includes the e-scooters ELMOTO KICK, ELMOTO LOOP and GOVECS FLEX, as well as the E-Schwalbe which comes in two speed options: 45 or 90 km/h. In an independent test, the ADAC e.V. awarded it as the best e-scooter in the L1e class, mainly because of its strong acceleration, drive train and stable chassis. The GOVECS FLEX 2.0 model has been specially designed for the needs of sharing operations. The GOVECS PRO CARGO, the optimal solution for the delivery industry, completes the product range. At six GOVECS SERVICE-sites in Germany, private customers can use services for electric scooters, bicycles, e-bikes and cargo bikes. Furthermore, GOVECS offers special services for corporate customers, such as the maintenance of company fleets. | I YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

About Invers
Invers, inventor of automated vehicle sharing, enables mobility service providers to launch, operate and scale their offerings with integrated hardware and software solutions specifically designed for developers of shared mobility services. As the world's first shared mobility technology company, Invers is developing and reliably maintaining the fundamental building blocks at scale to offer its customers cost-efficient and easily implementable tech solutions.
The company acts as an independent and reliable partner for operators of services such as car sharing, scooter sharing, ride pooling and car rental with the vision to make the use of shared vehicles more convenient and affordable than ownership. Customers include Share Now, Clevershuttle, Miles, Getaround, Flinkster, TIER, Bounce and Emmy. The company was founded in 1993 and has locations in Siegen, Cologne and Vancouver. The development takes place entirely in Germany.


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