Schwalbe – technology made fun

Munich, November 8, 2016. From the summer of 2017, you’ll recognise the Schwalbe driver thanks to their wide grin. The reason – the unique performance of their Schwalbe. The sensational acceleration from a standing start to 45 km/h in around five seconds, will leave the competition slack jawed not just at the lights. The powerful drivetrain system, developed with the latest components from technology partner Bosch, sets new standards in the moped category. The charging time is another reason to celebrate, because in no time you’re on your way again. Technology for a more beautiful life: it’s a promise the Schwalbe lives up to.

Its performance makes your urban commute enjoyable

The Schwalbe is a new way of life. And not just because you can feel environmentally friendly with the wind in your hair. Its acceleration is extraordinary: within just five seconds it has reached its maximum speed of 45 km/h. A guarantee of pure driving pleasure is at the heart of the Schwalbe – the most modern engine ‘Made in Germany’, with a maximum power output of 5.2 kW. Optimal power transmission is achieved by a unique dual step belt drive system, which allows for high torque. "The new Schwalbe will take the L1e class to a whole new level in terms of vehicle dynamics and acceleration," promises GOVECS CEO, Thomas Grübel.

Making the most of a lunch break

The Schwalbe glides silently through the streets for days, until it needs to stop off for a short break to recharge. The time of a lunch break is all the Schwalbe needs to be ready to go again. In just 1.5 hours, the battery is 50% charged again. Only in the very rare case of a fully discharged battery, after more than 100 kilometres, does it take around five hours for a full charge. 

Modern technology should look good too

It’s fun being the centre of attention while waiting at the traffic lights. The Schwalbe comes as standard with a very sharp Bosch LCD display, LED lights and all-weather tires by Heidenau. The distinctive headlights, the classic side profile and the luggage carrier at the rear also make design enthusiasts’ hearts beat faster. Technology has never been so beautiful.

About GOVECS Group:

GOVECS Group develops forward-looking solutions for urban mobility. The leading manufacturer of light-duty, electric vehicles in Europe, has its production facilities in Wroclaw in Poland, where it relies upon highly modern drive technologies. Only the highest quality materials and components, preferably sourced in Europe, are used in production. Since its foundation in 2009, the Munich based company has also established itself as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

In the B2B area, the success of GOVECS ( is based on international vehicle sharing projects and tailor-made concepts for the delivery industry. In September 2016 the company presented its first product, which was designed exclusively for the B2C market: the Schwalbe ( It represents a milestone in the company's history. 

Further information about GOVECS can be retrieved here: